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About - YVM


Hello World

Like so many people with geek leanings in the early 80's, this was the first thing I learnt to programme (for those of you that go back that far, I'm talking about MS DOS).

Seems a lifetime ago now. Here I am almost 40 years later still having a love affair with tech. For the past 30 odd years I've worked in IT; variously as Systems Engineer, Process Analyst, Workflow SME, Catalogue SME and Website Developer & Designer - and loved every minute of it. I now work for myself in a different area of technology - CO2 Lasers - a field I stumbled upon in 2013 and more or less fell into - much like tripping on a stone and falling face first into a puddle.

I've always loved design and working with timber, so when I found my way to the laser engraving industry, it seemed a perfect fit. I get to draw and design stuff in Illustrator, play with beautiful Australian timber, work with a lasers and BONUS - design and run my website. What's not to love?

This about page is still a work in progress and I'll be adding more shortly. Right now I need to go and feed Rory (my cat) before he chews my leg off (you would not know it from the look on that face, yet it's true - TEETH!)

My little boy Rory