Out Of Stock Christmas Eve Box : Individual : Engraved : Snowflakes

Start a new family tradition!

Fill up your Christmas Eve Box with all manner of goodies - new PJs, a book, Christmas movie, Christmas themed colouring book and pencils, personalised Christmas decorations for the tree, reindeer food*, munchies and more.

These Christmas Eve Boxes are ready assembled, made from MDF and are unsealed (no sealer or varnish). Choice of different themes/designs. The decorative plaque is supplied as a cut piece of MDF to be attached to the top of the box. Use as is or paint and decorate as desired.

These 'Individual' sized Christmas Eve Boxes come in two depths. Which one is right for you will depend on how much you are packing into them. The sizes are

- Internal - 28.4 cm (W) x 28.4 cm (D) x 9 or 14 cm (H)
- External - 29.8 cm (W) x 29.8 cm (D) x 9.6 or 14 cm (H) (inc lid)

*Please avoid 'reindeer food' that contains glitter - it is incredibly bad for the environment and if you plan to sprinkle it on the lawn then it is even worse as birds will eat it thinking it is food and possibly die of starvation as their little tummies fill with plastic and have no room for real food! :)
I'll be creating a blog post soon with alternatives to evil glitter - stay tuned!

Designed and made in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria.
Proudly Made In Australia.

General Info
Dimensions Internal 284 mm x 284 mm x 90mm high or 140mm high External 298 mm x 298 mm x 96mm high or 146mm high
Timber Unsealed or white MDF Wood Glue

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Christmas Eve Box : Individual : Engraved : Snowflakes

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