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Cake Serving Platter : Round Serving Platter : Bamboo

Beautiful, hand sanded Stranded Bamboo Serving Platter

Made from ultra tough. 3 ply, stranded bamboo and accented with stainless steel effect handles. Theses round platters take your cheese plates and cakes to the next level.

ONLY 5 LEFT : 37.5cm diameter x 1.3cm thick (I won't be making these again)

A serving platform for cheeses, appetisers, antipasto, tapas, cupcakes, cheese cakes, sponges, deserts, chocolates you name it. At home at a beach wedding, a backyard BBQ or gracing the dining table in a modern home.

Handcrafted from top quality stranded bamboo (see below) and sanded to a satin smooth finish, these platters make a statement on any occasion. Finished in a two coats of organic virgin jojoba oil to protect them from drying out and to produce a beautiful, subtle shine. All bamboo must be kept well oiled!

* NATURAL - Your board has been produced without using toxic glues
* CRAFTSMANSHIP - Edges and corners are routed and hand sanded to create a board that is a joy handle.
* HAND FINISHED - Your board has been hand sanded to a satin smooth finish.
* QUALITY - Two coats of timber conditioner are applied to your board prior to shipping.

Your board includes:

  • Printed care instructions


Did you know not all bamboo is the same? There are 3 different qualities of bamboo. Read on....................

- 3rd Grade: There is the dreadful, cheap, nasty bamboo you get in imported boards - they are made in Asia to a price point and their quality reflects that. This is what I call 3rd grade bamboo. You can buy them in $2 shops or get them online from "Big Box" stores. Most laser engravers run with these boards because they offer the opportunity for maximum profit. They have a Janka hardness rating of around 5ish, which is around the same rating as Pine. They are very fibrous, tend to twist, warp and pull apart very easily. Generally not worth whatever you pay for them. Obviously I'm not a fan.

- 2nd Grade: Less readily available and is used a lot by bespoke cabinet makers. It comes in large sheets and is cut to shape here in Australia. This is a level of time and skill many board manufacturers are not willing to go to. I use this bamboo for catering and hospitality clients - who are price sensitive, want something custom made and want durability beyond the 3rd grade product. It has a Janka rating of 6-7. Serviceability is reasonable but is no where near as good as a quality hardwood board.

- 1st Grade:  This is the bamboo I offer here - it is what is called stranded bamboo. It is only available in sheet form in Australia from a selected range of wholesalers and is very difficult to work with - it is as tough as nails and requires a good deal of skill to work. It has a Janka hardness rating of 16 (not a typo). It is one of the hardest timbers available. Iron bark is the nearest Aussie Hardwood. Like all bamboo, it is still fibrous so is not great to use for repeated cutting - it does however excel as a presentation board and grazing platter!

My obligation to the environment means that I source wood that is durable and, if well cared for could be handed down from generation to generation.

Note: Timber is a natural material. As such it has variations in colour, tone, knots, etc. Each piece is different - a natural work of art. The item you receive will be similar to the photos, but not identical.

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Our Redgum and Spotted Gum Boards are custom made for Yarra Valley Maker. They are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), supply chain certified, timber grown here in Victoria.


These lovely Redgum and Spotted Gum boards are manufactured by a team of master joiners in a small factory in Bayswater, Victoria. The guys use Australian made, non toxic, water based adhesive (which is FDA approved for food contact) to construct our boards. Blocks of 30mm timber are laminated together under high pressure using state of the art presses.


Once they come to Yarra Valley Maker they are treated like fine furniture. They are hand sanded with up to 4 grades of sandpaper to produce the silky smooth finish we are renowned for. Once sanded they are gently brushed down to remove sanding dust and massaged with two coats of organic Jojoba oil and then stored waiting to be lasered on demand to your requirements. Once out of the laser they are hand finished with Jojoba oil. The board is rested for 12+ hours to allow maximum absorption before a second treatment is added. 12+ hours after that they are hand polished for final presentation.


A final inspection is done prior to wrapping and packaging for transport

Cake Serving Platter : Round Serving Platter : Bamboo

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